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There are always opportunities for talented people to join our extraordinary team

Are you driven by innovation and impact? We're seeking the world's brightest minds and visionary teams to unite with us. If you're ready to challenge norms, pioneer change, and shape the future of finance, you're the force we're looking for. Embrace the thrill of uncertainty, ride the waves of opportunity, and together, let's rewrite the rules and leave our mark.


Join us on this extraordinary journey and be the change you've always envisioned.

Halo team members enjoy these perks, along with financial compensation


Share in our success with equity options that make you an essential part of Halo's journey.

Lifetime Membership

Enjoy forever access to the best perks and membership features.

Creative Playground

Explore your wildest ideas without limits. Innovate, experiment, and shape the future – it's your canvas.

Pet & kid friendly environment

Bring your furry friends and little ones to work. No need to choose between family and career.

Flexible Schedule

Embrace a schedule that fits your life. Work smarter, and achieve the perfect work-life harmony.

Happy hours 

Enjoy regular socials, game nights, and festivities that keep our team bonds strong and spirits high.

Open positions at Halo


Our Specialists are experts in connecting you with the right Groups and helping you navigate the lending process. They'll provide personalized guidance to ensure you find the best financial solutions for your needs.


  • Understands financial laws.

  • Helps members seek justice.

  • Talks to members and experts.

  • Writes legal documents and letters.

Group Coordinator

Group Coordinators play a vital role in creating and managing lending Groups. They'll help you connect with like-minded individuals, establish Group goals, and ensure a supportive community for your financial goals.


  • Organizes papers and files neatly.

  • Helps find important information.

  • Writes emails and letters clearly.

  • Works well with the Specialist.

  • Listens and takes notes carefully.

Financial Advisor

Our Financial Advisors are here to provide advice and insights to help you make informed borrowing decisions. They'll work closely with you to ensure your financial well-being and help you achieve your goals.


  • Makes sure appointments are scheduled.

  • Talks to partners.

  • Checks that all papers are ready.

  • Helps Members and Team communicate.

  • Makes sure everything goes smoothly.

Member Care

Our dedicated Member Care team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. They'll provide prompt and friendly assistance, ensuring a smooth experience throughout your journey with Halo.


  • Looks for evidence and clues.

  • Talks to people who know saw.

  • Takes pictures and measurements.

  • Writes down what they find.

  • Helps Specialists build a strong case.

Community Manager

Community Managers foster connections among Group members, organize events, and create a supportive atmosphere for all members. They'll ensure you feel welcomed and empowered as part of the Halo community.


  • Answers phones with a smile.

  • Helps keep the office tidy.

  • Sets up appointments and meetings.

  • Sends and gets important documents.

  • Helps everyone work together.

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