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We support people in need of financial assistance., a 501(c)(3), jumps in when a borrower has difficulty repaying a Backer, thus helping Borrowers complete their loan.

Payday Loans centers increase mental health problems and substance abuse, and are rooted in Communities with limited resources, poor houses, high crime and violence rates, and an inadequate school systems. A Borrower who successfully repays a loan on Halo App will save nearly $1,000 on average by avoiding payday loan centers and connecting with people. Borrowers who have received an Act of Kindness in this way have a 100% repayment rate. We will be releasing our next Impact Report on July 1, 2022

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We monitor which Borrowers need help

Halo App can detect when a Borrower may be falling behind. Often, an Act Of Kindness can be the boost needed to get a person across the finish line, so they can lean on the Community when they need a loan again. is the non-profit arm that allows donations to be made, and in turn, jumps in when a borrower is having difficulty repaying a backer. determines what level of support is given in alleviating the financial pressure of a Backer or Borrower through your kind donations. also pays loans off altogether. Donors may select specific Communities on Halo App to sponsor. 

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By the numbers


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Your donation is tax deductible!


Halo App has a nonprofit partner! is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that makes all donations to us tax-deductible.'s Tax ID Number is Tax ID Number: 83-3726252

Your tax-deductible donation will help pay off loans, help with payments, or cover bills for Community Borrowers. Through the generosity of donations like yours, we help provide a needed solution to over 25 million people at risk of using payday loan centers. We are building a Community of Borrowers that save money by avoiding payday loans and have assistance available if they fall behind.  We are learning so much from these positive experiences!

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