Open your heart to backing loans



a person or group on The Halo App that loans at least $100 to a Borrower.

Reasons to become a Backer:

  • Invest in people

  • Grow your savings

  • Help others

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Choose how much you want in return

Every loan is anonymous

The transaction screen provides you with crucial information on the loans you back, including:
a. Halo Score
b. Loan amount
c. Repayment period
d. Borrower's repayment history
e. Purpose for funds
f.  Loan terms

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 My church  |   10 loans and $3,255

Choose how we match you to Borrowers

Backers use The Halo App to support others in a Community Group and earn money

When you become a Backer, you'll get access to the complete repayment histories of all our Community Groups, so you can choose which ones to back. Make secure loans on your terms using The Halo App.

 Other teachers  |   5 loans and $2,345
 My Zip Code  |   1 loan and $230

Choose how much you want returned

Backers use The Halo App to make loans on their terms

You receive notifications when Borrowers in your community group(s) request a loan. When you choose to back a loan, you determine how much you want to be returned to you, up to 35%.

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You are in full control of your Backer journey

The Halo App is a place where different levels of risks live harmoniously. Here are a few different ways to customize your experience:

• Read about the Halo Score 
• Join Groups with high repayment rates
• Start a Group for people you know



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