The Halo App helps your church offer 0%  loans

Start an Annual Community Plan today with your own two-week free trial. Offer loans (up to $1,000) to people in your church with zero interest

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Offer loans in your church

Are you a church community group that serves a group of people? Yes, then you're a great fit for our app!

​Using The Halo App,  your church can offer loans by connecting members who are Backers with members who are Borrowers. The process is simple! 

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Instantly, roll out loans using The Halo App

The Halo App eliminates much of the pain churches experience when offering loans to members

​A lot of churches want to offer loans but don't have the guard rails, staff, or default management capacity to do so. Our app does it all for you. Start with us today!



Other people back the loans

When a Borrower makes a request it pops up on your community page

Every Backer with your password gets notified when a Borrower makes a request. When your community page has activity in the app, we share that information with you. This information will be valuable to you. 



We make loans fun and easy

You will have a dedicated team member that focuses on your church

The Halo App is a hands-free experience for you. We have team members focused on churches and team members focused on our Backers and Borrowers


The Halo App checks the boxes for security.

Your data is yours alone, and we ensure privacy and security throughout The Halo App for you and your contacts.


The Halo App never stores personally identifiable information associated with the users in your community

Admin Features

Create, manage and monitor users' access to your church community group


The Halo App's team of compliance experts helps ensure we meet or exceed industry standards.


Trusted by churches all over the country 

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