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Membership in the Halo App community is at-will. Failure to uphold the Halo App Community Standards will remove your opportunity to be apart of this community. To become a member, you must complete a Welcome Call with an accredited Halo member.


The Halo App is a private, peer lending community that allows Borrowers to request up to $1,000 from Backers across the country. The Halo App uses the proprietary Halo Score, to assess the trustworthiness of its members outside of the historically biased credit system. 

Would you like to offer additional opportunities for your community?(please select all that apply)

The Halo App is happy to provide its community partners with: Access Code to share, Monthly Community Insights, and recognition on our Community Partner Page.  However, many of our partners enjoy offering even more opportunities to their community members, like:

Community Partners that offer Backer Fee Refunds, or BFRs, in essence, provide an interest-free loan to their community members. Ex. Borrower requests $500 and gets a 10% offer from her Backer. After the transaction is complete, Borrower receives $50 as an add-opp. Will you be offering Backer Fee Refunds or BFRs?

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IMPORTANT If your community fails to repay more than 95% (19 out of 20) of your loans, the entire community risks losing access to The Halo App.


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