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We have two memberships:

  • Great Starting Point

    Learning Zone

    Free Plan
    • Monthly Newspaper
    • Money Tips
    • Simple Tools
    • Free Demo App Access
    • Resource Library
    • Community Access
    • Exclusive Insights
    • Networking Opportunities
  • Halo Membership

    Every year
    • Private Lending Groups
    • Full Halo App
    • Member Support
    • Loan Connections
    • Group Creation
    • Premium Learning Content
    • Resource Downloads
    • Everything in Learning Zone

Get Started

Choose the perfect plan for you


Plan 1: Learning Zone

Knowledge is Power

Use this free membership to elevate your financial literacy and skills. Expand your mind with educational content, training, and insightful resources.

Plan 2: Start a Halo Membership

Connect with people for loans

This plan is for people ready to maximize their financial opportunities. Join the Halo Nation to borrow or lend on our app, access exclusive features, and prioritize your financial journey.

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Plan 3: Create a Group

For active Halo Members

Empower your organization, business, or community with private lending, tailored support, and insights that will help you understand your community better.

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