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a person or group on The Halo App that loans at least $100 to a Borrower.

Reason to become a Backer:

  • Invest in people

  • Grow your savings

  • Help others

We take your safety very seriously



the feeling of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger or risk while using The Halo App

Top reasons Backers feel safe:


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Explore groups and select the Borrowers you want to loan money to

The Halo App Borrowers are assigned a rating from AA (lower risk, lower return) to E (higher risk, higher return).

Our Halo Score uses thousands of data points including real-time data, traditional financial scoring models, and personal reputation allowing us to understand and measure your trustworthiness. 

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We want you to feel safe connecting your bank account

Plaid makes it easy to log into any bank or credit union in the U.S.

SSL Protected
All transactions are SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protected. Your information is securely transmitted during the processing of all payments. Our processing partners are PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the highest grade of payment processing security. Your information is safe and secure.

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Community Group



Loan Requests




We publish full repayment histories of all of our groups

We are discovering that Borrowers are incentivized to repay loans on time to attract more money into their Community groups.

Backers invest in Community Groups that repay at high rates. That means Backer Offers come faster and at lower rates. 


Thank you for your interest in The Halo App!

If you signed up, we will be in contact with you soon.

We have a huge opportunity to work together and change the financial world. Everything will become available to us when we build trust through this app. If you do not repay a loan, you will be permanently banned from using our app, incentives, and official events. When you accept a loan from a Backer, you are also accepting a Social Contract. Please read this document carefully and completely. We can't wait to trust you!