It's true that some people are not good—don't be one of them

At The Halo App, we believe the economy will flourish when we

focus on each other.   Our platform enables you to access money safely and invest in real people. However, our app is built on trust. If that trust is broken, you will be PERMANENTLY REMOVED



We take the time to

know you

We use thousands of data points including real-time data, traditional financial scoring models, and personal reputation allowing us to understand and measure your trustworthiness.  We believe FICO and other scoring methods don’t give an accurate and unbiased picture of users ability to repay loans.​

Users submit personal information for scoring

The Halo App collects user data and analyzes it

Scoring happens in just a few seconds


We want you to feel

safe and secure

Secure Login

Plaid makes it easy to log into any bank or credit union in the U.S. Once you link your account using your banking credentials, Plaid retrieves your account and payments can be set up in moments.


SSL Protected

All transactions are SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protected. Your information is securely transmitted during the processing of all payments.

PCI Compliant

Our third-party payments company is a PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the highest grade of payment processing security. Your information is safe and secure.


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