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Sign up as a Group and get extra perks

Invite others to The Halo App using a private password for your group


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

How Bundles Work

How the Groups work

Are you apart of a business, church, or nonprofit? Give everyone access all at once.


Select a Group Membership


Give everyone access to back or borrow  

Simple to use and easy to share Group Password

Receive a complimentary private room 


Groups receive a private room in the app

You will see when someone in your Group makes a loan request

You will receive a custom password that you can share with others. When your group has any activity in the app, we share that information with you. This information may be valuable to you. 

Private Room
Bundle Pricing

Rates for Groups small and large

Refund up to 30 days. Join today or visit our FAQ.

More than 50


Perfect for most large businesses, churches, universities, etc.

Everything in 50

20 Memberships



10% Off

20 Memberships

Discounted rate 

Private Room for Group 

Access to funds, anytime

Rate setting tool 

Remove fees for members 

Secure technology 

Seamless transactions 

User friendly App 

No hidden fees 

Member Care Support Monthly data reporting 

Annual Report

50 Memberships



25% Off

Everything in 20
50 Memberships

Group Session

Are there more than 50 people in your Group?

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