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Grow your community. Grow your impact.

Connect with trusted teammates and peers. Share and help each other with money in a safe place.

Why Groups

Groups will work for you

Save time and money


Safe Private Space

Get a special password & Updates 

Get a unique password to access your private lending space. Stay informed about your Group's activities for valuable insights.

Help those in need

Spot Borrowers in your group, make offers easily

Identify community members seeking loans and offer help right away. Borrower requests disappear from your dashboard after you offer assistance, simplifying the process.


Smart Borrowing and Lending

Boost support with high repayment rates

Backers are more engaged with well-performing Groups. Backer offers come quicker and at lower rates when repayment is high.

App Demo

Discover Halo: Transform your life.

Try Our App for Free!

Get ready to explore how Halo works in just a few clicks. See how we make lending easy and safe by connecting with others. You'll be amazed at how simple and powerful it is – try it out now for free and unleash your financial superpower with Halo!

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The latest from our Halo team

Our Customers

Why did you choose Groups?

"Halo changed the way our community supports each other"

As the director of our center, Halo empowered us to create a secure lending circle, aiding survivors.

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Change lives. Start a Group today.

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