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We connect for loans inside of private Groups. 

Keeping you safe and secure with our trustworthy app.

Instead of dealing with big banks or companies, you're part of a Group that's got your back. That's Halo App's secret sauce - we connect for loans inside of private Groups. It's your money team, and they're here to help you succeed.

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Put Halo to work for you.

Business owner speaking at the first annual Positivity Bomb Luncheon in Indianapolis, Indiana
Group tabs screenshot on the Halo App

Private Groups

Empower your community. No hassle -- no heavy lifting.

Use Halo to lend money anonymously in a Group. Be kind, build trust, and help each other.

Become a Backer

With Halo, you can make a difference and earn financial rewards.

Safe Group Lending

Dynamic support & resources

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Helping a Student
Showing the app in public
Borrow Screens

Borrow From People

When you're short on cash, borrow money on your own terms.

Fast funds

Flexible terms

Easy process

Trusted members

Safe and secure

Backed by real people

We work hard to keep you safe.

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The latest from our Halo team

Our Members

What's your Halo story?

"You could hear her relief over the phone, like she could breath again"

Nearly a decade ago, a friend from college asked me for $400 to avoid eviction. They paid me $500 back in less than two weeks.

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